Join us for our annual fall meal prep group! Our four week group is a one time payment of $38, that's it! Oh - and, see your bonus for signing up below!

This is, by far, the favorite of all meal prep groups with the BEST recipes all year. We'll have an encouraging group of ladies/wives/mommas gearing up to prepare for the holidays that'll walk alongside you in your wellness journey. These meals are designed to help you stay energized, feel less bloated, and make life MUCH easier during this super busy time. Don't miss out on these yummy recipes and the fun, inspirational goodness that goes along with it.

Group starts November 5 and goes through the Thanksgiving holidays with lots of guidance along the way. I'll even give you some of my favorite apps and sides for Thanksgiving while encouraging you to enjoy but reminding you to have boundaries.

*As a bonus, for working on your wellness, you'll receive a meal plan booklet from one of our (favorite) past fall meal prep groups as soon as you sign up for this one!